It’s a pleasure to see you visiting our website. This is actually the about page and I’m not necessarily sure what you want to seek out here as most individuals have different reasons for browsing this page.

For my about page, I will share some information about myself and the explanation why I made this website. It’s usually about my passion because I always like to share my knowledge regarding the subjects that I love. When you know someone who knows me, they are going to certainly confirm that.

One of the topics that I love to share is something related to computers in some way and other ‘techy’ things. If you know concerning the Commodore 64, it was when I began my relationship with computers.

Most of you are probably convinced that I am too old for my looks, but it doesn’t change the proven fact that the experience I have with computers could only be compared to a few folks.

The world of programming and coding was opened to me due to the Commodore 67. During that time, I used an old tape cassette recorder as a storage device. I know that some of you don’t know concerning this, but tape cassette recorders became a storage device in the past.

After that, I made the choice to be a passionate self-taught coder and learned lots of new programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and they’re all perfected to the best of my ability.

I have been actually a Windows man for countless years because I always want to tweak and tinker whatever I’m able to reach. Apple kept things too close to the chest so it’s totally different. I’ve always grown to enjoy helping individuals in mastering the computer, coding and programming. Computers have lots of uses in today’s society and it isn’t only made for the geeks to play with.

I could say that my parents who are both in their 70s are a great example of how individuals have embraced this new technology.

It really astonished me the way that they were able to conform to computer technology because they look for question and answers on the net, watch videos, do some photo editing and use emails and social to speak with our family members.

Conversely, my son who is now 10 years old was really comfortable accessing computer technology for the last 3 to 4 years. It’s very easy for him to use his phone, tablet or laptop to complete his homework, play games and watch videos.

Fundamentally, this will inform you that I’m attracted to computer technology and everything related to it. This blog is supposed to help me spread my passion. If I can help other people share in the satisfaction and excitement that the world of computers has offered me, then I can securely say that my time on this blog is wisely spent.

In case there are things that you wish to know or you want some explanation about a particular topic about computers, you should tell me instantly. You can send an email to me or you can also leave a comment to one of my posts because I always read them.